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2017-12-13Ad Click Xpress$4.90 
2017-12-13W Capital$1.00 
2017-12-13InvestSar LTD$13.80 
2017-12-13Coins Club$14.28 
2017-12-13Chain Group Service$2.98 
2017-12-13Otenga Internet Technologies LTD$1.29 
2017-12-13Hour Trust Ltd$4.36 
2017-12-13OK hourly$1.00 
2017-12-11InvestSar LTD$50.25 
2017-12-10Coins Club$60.30 
2017-12-09Hour Trust Ltd$26.13 
2017-12-07InvestSar LTD$50.25 
2017-12-05Coins Club$60.30 
2017-12-03InvestSar LTD$50.25 
2017-12-03Hour Trust Ltd$26.13 
2017-12-01Coins Club$50.25 
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2017-12-08Bitoin Crypto Trade  
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