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No. 1134   Daily Summer Income
Daily Summer Income Thumbnail
Our Rating:
Monitoring: 2067 days  
Our Invested: $160.80
Payout ratio: 40%
User Votes: 0  
Last Paid: Aug-31,2013
Plans: 130% after 1 day,400% after 5 days,1000% after 10 days,1700% after 15 days,2500% after 25 days,5000% after 40 days 
Min / Max Deposit: $10 / 50000 
Withdrawal: Manual  
Referral: 4% 
Support: EMAIL | FORM  
Hello! Welcome to the website of the project! We are ready to provide you a unique investment product that will increase your well-being! We do build your future and the future of your children. Now you can take part in this wonderful project to contribute to the development of the land market. We invest your funds in landscape design, landscaping and planting of trees and shrubs. We invest in nature, it is our future. All our resources are directed to support nature in its original form, where we can not do have to restore vegetation. We take the best fertilizer and introduce the most advanced technologies in the landscaping of parks, public gardens, adjoining areas, city streets and a variety of commercial properties. Everything we do, we do with great love and care towards the environment, we will never harm nature! If you want to help us in developing our business and noble at the same time earn money, then we are waiting for you in our project!

Latest Payouts
Latest Investments
2013-08-31Daily Summer Income$10.40 
2013-08-30Daily Summer Income$14.80 
2013-08-29Daily Summer Income$3.00 
2013-08-29Daily Summer Income$11.20 
2013-08-28Daily Summer Income$5.20 
2013-08-28Daily Summer Income$14.79 
2013-08-27Daily Summer Income$4.40 
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