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No. 901   Inside Forex Group
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Our Rating:
Monitoring: 2317 days  
Our Invested: $50.00
Payout ratio: 62%
User Votes: 0  
Last Paid: Mar-02,2014 ISP AllHyipData
Plans: 1% - 3% daily for 30 - 150 Working days(Principal return) (Withdrawal fee: 2%) 
Min / Max Deposit: $10 / No Limit 
Withdrawal: Manual  
Referral: 5% -3% -2% -1% -1% -1% 
Inside Forex Group company is registered in the Dominican Republic. Place of registration was specifically chosen for the purposes of tax planning, namely having financial transactions done over offshore banks, which is common practice for most companies in the world. Our head office is based in London. Inside Forex Group team consists of professional traders, a group of mathematicians and programmers. Utilizing years of experience of traders, mathematicians have developed algorithms for automated trading, which formed the core of automated trading systems that we use. These systems enable you to respond to market changes faster than any human being; they provide minimum drawdown, bring stable high profits and automatically diversify risks, leading to increased efficiency in the management of our investors’ funds. Inside Forex Group guarantees safety of your money as we have developed a transparent system of hedging risks. Any mechanical trade operation involves an operating trader, who tracks a transaction opened by the machine. In case of doubt, on a particular case, the operator contacts a leading trader for advice, and if there was a mistake, the deal will be terminated. We also diversify risks by automatically distributing your deposit between trading accounts of traders. In the event that any of them finishes the trading session at a loss, the gain from others will still increase your funds.

Latest Payouts
Latest Investments
2014-03-02Inside Forex Group$0.98 
2014-02-27Inside Forex Group$0.50 
2014-02-26Inside Forex Group$0.50 
2014-02-25Inside Forex Group$0.50 
2014-02-23Inside Forex Group$0.50 
2014-02-21Inside Forex Group$0.50 
2014-02-20Inside Forex Group$0.50 
2014-02-19Inside Forex Group$0.50 
2014-02-18Inside Forex Group$0.50 
2014-02-15Inside Forex Group$0.50 
2014-02-14Inside Forex Group$0.50 
2014-02-13Inside Forex Group$0.50 
2014-02-12Inside Forex Group$0.50 
2014-02-11Inside Forex Group$0.50 
2014-02-08Inside Forex Group$0.50 
2014-02-07Inside Forex Group$0.51 
2014-02-06Inside Forex Group$0.50 
2014-02-05Inside Forex Group$0.50 
2014-02-04Inside Forex Group$0.50 
2014-02-01Inside Forex Group$0.50 
2014-01-31Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2014-01-30Inside Forex Group$0.50 
2014-01-28Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2014-01-25Inside Forex Group$0.98 
2014-01-23Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2014-01-22Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2014-01-21Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2014-01-18Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2014-01-17Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2014-01-16Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2014-01-15Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2014-01-14Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2014-01-11Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2014-01-10Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2014-01-09Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2014-01-08Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2014-01-07Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2014-01-05Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2014-01-03Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2014-01-02Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-12-31Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-12-28Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-12-25Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-12-24Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-12-22Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-12-20Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-12-19Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-12-18Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-12-17Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-12-14Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-12-13Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-12-12Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-12-11Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-12-10Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-12-07Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-12-06Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-12-05Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-12-04Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-12-03Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-12-01Inside Forex Group$0.49 
2013-11-29Inside Forex Group$0.49 
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